Radio Rabbit Hole is furry free form radio.


Listen live Saturday afternoons @ 11 AM - 2 PM EST & Sunday nights @ 8 PM - 3 AM EST.


Featuring Romeo Rabbit, Matt the Martian Mouse Rat & Ricochet Sheepdog.






Worldwide Live Only

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Featured Hosts

Romeo Rabbit

Romeo Rabbit

Saturdays 11 AM.  

Sundays 9 PM EST. 


Host & founder.

Matt the Martian Mouse Rat

Matt the Martian Mouse Rat

Sundays 8 PM EST. 

Host of The Night Shift. 


Comes from a land down under, where mouse rats go and Martians plunder.

Ricochet Sheepdog

Ricochet Sheepdog

Monday mornings

midnight EST. 


Host of Radio Lawn & co-host of Doggy Radio.